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Today and the story continues. Its taken me this long (since my last blog) to get back to this blog and update what's been going on.

The Covid-19 pandemic is still at large and people thinking like its ended - beaches full, shops filling and public parks filling even more. Not sure of what to make of it but its a reality.

The identification of change within our human DNA is very wishy washy. And what I mean by that is that it is up and down for us all and can be a simple and straight forward process for some and for others it can be all over the place.

We are taught, well I was, that change comes in a simple and straight forward process and the model used was the Elisabeth Kubbler-Ross 5 stage model. That was a very long time ago and there have been lots of updates on this since - just google it and see what comes up (over 3 billion options!!! - not saying they're all relevant 😳😷).

But change is an oddity even when you considerer that we live in the modern world and the fact that Apple Pay means you can buy a house with your Apple Watch (assuming you've enough money in your account or even better a monster overdraft!!!). Can you imagine being told this 20 years ago that you can pay for things with your watch?

So we go through stages and rationals in a staged process - some will hurtle through and some will go slow. We want this be done and closed off quickly as there are so many things to consider and understand - the irony is that change is a constant and yet we allow it certain aspects of our lives but not in others.

Ive brought in Lewin's change concept of 'Unfreeze', 'Changing' and then 'Freezing'. 3 simple steps that was devised in 1947 and still used today in organisational change.

The reflection on what happened and how it happened is the key - what do we do with the knowledge we have gained and act on it.

There's number 2 finished! - quite enjoyed that

Tomorrow will be a TED talk binge day. Catch up soon

  • Wyn Williams - Director

I've been intrigued with bloggers and blogs for a while now and often thought about creating one.

They seem to vary with people wanting to share what they get up to in the day, their lives in general, mental health and how they are coping with lockdown etc.

I'm going to do something similar - but also give and idea as to what self employed people do daily and what I need to do to build the business, develop it and also progress it.

Moving from being told what to do to doing what I think and need to do was the best feeling - you are seeing the fruits of your actions.

Taking those first steps and earring income from companies and clients and building those relationships - faultless.

My task with the next phase is to look at the blended interests I have and allow these to grow and become productive and successful - and yes I think you can have more than 1 passion and skillset which can be all described as a speciality.

Contrary to an email I had last year when I was asked what my professional specialty was?! I said in the first it was being a leadership and management specialist (L&M) and also a commercial specialist. The person kept plugging away and asking the same question over and over again (Einstein defined that as plain daft - well he said it was insanity! - but in Wales we call things like that daft or twp!).

I stopped replying to the email.

I stopped the barrier that was being imposed on me and moved on.

The joys (and is a joy) of owning and being in charge of your own destiny and business - I make the choice and live with it.

25 years with 1 company - then I took the plunge.

4 1/2 years later i'm still going strong and making a difference to people, teams and companies - long will it continue!

End of blog 1? - quite enjoyed that😷🍷

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