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Coaching & Mentoring Program

Coaching is one of the most effective methods of unlocking potential in your staff. In today's environment coaching and mentoring are great way to get results, develop and retain good people. This course and program shows how to plan, prepare and implement coaching and mentoring and how to evaluate success.


Program format


  • Describe the values and behaviours of a good coach and mentor

  • Identify coaching and mentoring opportunities by using a gap analysis

  • Setting objectives, performance standards, time scales and measurements

  • Match different coaching  and mentoring styles to the learning styles of the trainee

  • Demonstrate giving and receiving feedback in coaching and mentoring situations

  • Use a model to plan and prepare a coaching and mentoring plan

  • Identify and resolve difficulties of coaching and mentoring activities

  • Measure the effectiveness and evaluate the coaching and mentoring on an ongoing basis

  • Action plan to transfer the learning to the work place

  • Diary plans to be implemented 

The coaching program will be trained and delivered to all staff, agreed and then rolled out to your business.

Our dedicated team of associate coaches and mentors will spend time evaluating each and every individual and then agree and implement a diary and timeline for each session.

Each and every session will help develop the individual in line with their core requirement  and the business vision, mission and goal.

Coaching / mentoring your team enables you as a manager to enhance your teams’ capability and performance. The productivity of your coaching /  mentoring will determine the levels of engagement and trust exists between you and your team.