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The Financial Adviser

Available courses 
Leadership and Management
  • Managing a team

  • Leading a team

  • Building effective teams

  • Building inclusive teams

  • Team building – indoor and outdoor

  • Empowering and inspiring our people

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Influencing and persuading

  • Performance management discussions and strategy

  • Engaging through our people

  • Strategic decision making

  • Coaching our people

  • Mentoring our people

  • Conflict management

  • New to team leadership and management

  • Managing your time

  • Using SWOT to lead and manage

  • Managing people in technical environments

  • Assertiveness

Commercial Skills
  • Commercial awareness

  • Commercial planning and contracting

  • Budget management

  • Finance for non-finance managers

  • Customer service skills

  • Creating and sustaining an effective working relationship with clients and stakeholders

  • Managing multiple stakeholders

  • Business admin

  • Presentation and facilitation skills

  • Sales training – all aspects

  • Stress management

  • Diversity training – Trans training

  • Conflict management

  • Financial services – cemap, cefa, banking, insurance and sales training

  • Operational control – working toward the vision, mission and goals of the business

Single, multiple and bitesize options available - please drop us an email for information and costings

There is more to the world than Ce-Map and Ce-Fa.

Have you thought about the processes involved in starting out as a new adviser in the financial services world?

Whether its mortgages, investments, pension, annuities or a simple ISA – knowing your product is not all you need to know.

We mystery shop and evaluate your training and coaching needs for you and plan it's implementation with you.

You are the key and making your business grow is our key.

Client interaction can be enhanced by the following four principles

  1. How well do you understand client realtionships?

  2. How well do you manage your time?

  3. How well do you understand the powers of effective communication?

  4. Do you know your client fully – or do you simply know what you think you need to know?


WJH Consultancy can help you build your skills and knowledge base to accomodate the answers to the questions that you don't yet know you need.


A 2 day training courses to allow you to run your client banks more effectively and rely on your service as well as your product