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Us at WJHC

WJHC deliver high quality bespoke training, executive coaching and mentoring programmes.

We also specialise in management consultancy and commercial audits and deliver globally. 

Training programmes include face to face in the physical classroom as well as virtually using a range of platforms from Webex, Zoom, Teams, Adobe and also Skype.

Locations we have trained, coached and mentored – UK, Ireland, US, Egypt, UAE, Japan, Brazil, Romania, France, Germany, Nigeria and South Africa.

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Online Class
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Our Mission:

To be the best training provider we can be by creating what you want, when you want it and how you want it facilitated – face to face or virtually.

Our Mission, Vision and Values:

Integrity and Ethics 

Open, honest and respectful working relationship with colleagues, learners and clients.



Bespoke, 100% relevant, created by your business for your business.


We continually strive for perfection and managing expectation. Our courses are quality controlled with random observations and where possible our coaching sessions are recorded and shared with the client for review and reflection

Carpe Diem!

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Online Workshop

What our clients say about us:

“Easily the best course I’ve been on"

"Very good course - thank you"

"The whole course was beneficial and will recommend to my team. Facilitator was engaging - relevant advice - don’t be vague with instructions"

"I now know why decisions are and need to be made when controlling costs"

"finance made intriguing - so glad I opted to attend - Wyn fantastic delivery"

Finance for non finance management



"Could listen to you all day and not had a course like this. So engaging and informative - thank you very much"

"Will recommend this course and you Wyn to my colleagues and department. EI has such a range of options and things we already do but not aware - and some badly with consequences"

"Amazing course and so engaging. Could do with this over 2 days to get more out of it - thank you"

"Had no idea what EI was all about until today - amazing course"

"My team will all be coming onto this course and will also recommend you Wyn to deliver - thank you" 

"The reference material is very welcomed and following on from this amazing course will really help me back in my day job and managing my team more effectively"

Emotional Intelligence



"Easily the best course I’ve been on"

"Great course - and great to be on a course with my team"

"Prioritize and how much time is taken up on tasks that are out of my control"

"I really enjoyed the course"

Stress Management


"I found it useful and relevant to my current role"

"All of the course relevant to my needs"

"Business analysis - PESTLE/SWOT/SMART/PROVE"

"Prove theory - Kubler Ross statement"

"Very good"

Change Management


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