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What do people say about us?


“Easily the best course I’ve been on"

"Very good course - thank you"

"Found the role play helpful and will help me in future 121's"

"The whole course was beneficial and will recommend to my team. Facilitator was engaging - relevant advice - don’t be vague with instructions"

Constructive conversations





"Could listen to you all day and not had a course like this. So engaging and informative - thank you very much"

"Will recommend this course and you Wyn to my colleagues and department. EI has such a range of options and things we already do but not aware - and some badly with consequences"

"Amazing course and so engaging. Could do with this over 2 days to get more out of it - thank you"

"Had no idea what EI was all about until today - amazing course"

"My team will all be coming onto this course and will also recommend you Wyn to deliver - thank you" 

"The reference material is very welcomed and following on from this amazing course will really help me back in my day job and managing my team more effectively"

Emotional Intelligence





"Easily the best course I’ve been on"

"Great course - and great to be on a course with my team"

"Prioritize and how much time is taken up on tasks that are out of my control"

"I really enjoyed the course"

Stress Management




"I found it useful and relevant to my current role"

"All of the course relevant to my needs"

"Business analysis - PESTLE/SWOT/SMART/PROVE"

"Prove theory - Kubler Ross statement"

"Very good"

Principles of business - commercial development





"I had no idea what to expect - i had this training in my old company - wish Wyn delivered it. You can tell his experience and passion for this comes through. I will now treat my customers totally different - and such small subtle changes - ace course"

"2 days well spent - thanks mate - really enjoyed"

"this should have been given to my old company - they have no clue - but after these past 2 days i really know what i have to do to make this work"

"Wyn is the best trainer i have ever experienced - I've been in this game for over 10 years and i need to change my approach to make my customers the central point of everything I do - speculate to accumulate is my new motto"

Financial Adviser Training - 2 days




"Trainer was fantastic - really engaging and insightful. Brought the material to life"

"Discussing real world experiences"

"Thinking about the challenges that my department is facing and this was allowed time for reflecting"

Leadership and Management - managing people





"Wyn was a very polite and helpful young chap"


"Thinking around how to deal with situations within my role"

"Excellent - really enjoyable insight into management theories"


"Very Interesting"

"Well delivered"

Team management - managing through Emotional Intelligence




"Very good course so far"

"Excellent examples given - good to understand emotional states and types"

"Very well communicated / explained - business awareness"

"Business and life skill model interesting"

"Use of SWOT - the discussions and the tutors knowledge and his sharing of experiences"

Team leadership




"Thinking outside of the box"

"Very enjoyable, thank you Wyn"

"Across the board excellent - thank you"

"Very clear, thorough and informative"

Team leadership



"Very knowledgeable instructor - general business sector informative and useful"

"Different types of business sector"

"Extremely good knowledge in multiple areas. Made understanding new concepts easy and fun"

Leadership and Management - managing teams




"Every aspect of what I have learnt so far is very relevant"


"The style of presentation was fantastic"

Influencing and persuading skills





"Really enjoyed the day, delivery was broken up with personal stories and we were encouraged to participate frequently which kept me focused"

"Informative session. Facilitator shared lots of personal experiences which helped me connect and engage in the course. I enjoyed today thank. Thank you!"

"Really enjoyed the course and Wyn was really enthusiastic on the subject"

"Loved the energy of the course leader"

"Thoroughly enjoyed the course and would recommend it to anyone that has to routinely manage conflict"

"I found the course insightful and provided valuable knowledge in dealing with difficult situations"

Conflict management

Tredegar, South Wales



"very enjoyable course"

"excellent presenters made the course enjoyable"

"enjoyed every minute - thank you!"

"excellent facilitator! Wyn and the whole room engaged from the start and made everyone feel at ease :)" 

"Wyn was brilliant and made the course worthwhile. Fully enjoyed every aspect of the course - thanks :)"

Handling challenging calls

Blackpool - the perfect 10 out of 10 from each delegate



"Good course and run well"

"Wyn is the best external presenter that I have seen"

Inspiring Our People






"Fantastic 2 days course and Wyn doesn't just know this stuff - but he taught me what it means - ace trainer"

"i came into this course with a perspective of "here we go again - another trainer and the usual' - was i wrong - Wyn rocks and id travel to Wales to be trained by him - my company sure know this too"

"best trainer we have ever had - never known such engagement in such a short space - and easily allowed us to contribute"

"i manage my team well - after this course i know what it means to manage them and lead them - what a potent combination and how interesting this subject is - i think Wyn could make this course a week and it would really suit his engagement, his leadership qualities and also his personality - thank mate"

"ace course - could have been longer"

"want to continue this now and have made an enquiry for the next level - Wyn to deliver - amazing day"

Emotional Intelligence


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